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Why is renting a book more preferable than buying one for college?

Enrolling yourself in a college can be very expensive these days. Apart from college expenses, there are tuition fees and books you need to buy. Whether you go to an out of state university or live in a dorm, the cost of books is one thing that cannot be avoided and takes up a big portion of your finances. Matters get worse when you try to sell them back to the campus bookstore. They offer minimum resale value to increase their profits, which in turn incurs you a loss. However, there is a way out now, the internet. The internet has provided us with many conveniences, one of which happens to be online book renting. You can save up money by renting books instead of buying them.

There are several domains which provide services like renting books, be it a storybook or any study book. Mentioned below are the top five advantages that you can enjoy by renting books instead of buying them.

  1. Cost –Renting a book in college or your daily life can be much cheaper than buying a book. A new book, first of all, costs a lot more, but more than that, it is not resalable. And even if it is, the value depreciates a lot very quickly. However, if you rent books, you don’t need to worry about the resale value.
  2. Convenience –Renting books online is very convenient as well. When you rent textbooks online, not only does it efficiently deliver it to your place, but you also get a plethora of options. You can just search for the books you want and get it delivered and minimum cost.
  3. Usability –A lot of students and readers turn to online books to cut down on the cost, but this is not the right way to go. There are a lot of factors like eye strain, and inconvenience that make this option a no-go. According to a survey, physical textbooks are always preferred and easier to use for readers, over digital ones.
  4. No Buyback Worries – One of the constant worries in an avid reader’s head is about the storage and resale of the book. However, if you rent a book, you do not have to worry about it taking up space in your cupboard or the depreciating value. On top of that, there is no problem with storage. Once you are done with reading the book, you can just return it and rent the next one.
  5. Environment – Rentingbookscan also help the environment significantly. Since renting increases the reusability of a book, it can lower the demand for books. This will further reduce the production of books, which will in turn help save trees by a large margin.

As is very evident with the points mentioned above, renting books for college, or just reading can provide the reader with several benefits, including cost efficiency and convenience. Not only that, but it also takes off a significant amount of stress off of your head, and you can enjoy reading more effectively.

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