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Top 4 Wedding Venues in NY

We all know how easily brides will become bridezillas, and will make sure they stick their thumb in each and every thing that has to do with their wedding. Well for those of you who know how bad of a cry baby you’ll become if things don’t go your way, you shall sit back, relax and go through this list of top 4 wedding venues in Newyork.



Do we really need all those artifical lights and an unnecessary hall when nature has blessed us with the perfect lighting and the utterly beautiful breathtaking  backgrounds with the scent of warm wet soil and fresh flowers all around. Well, camp Schodack gives you all that plus much more! Schedule a tour to the ultimate summer location, with an ideal outdoor environment, quick and driven wedding coordinator,  your own resort plus a professional photograph and  a completely wild honeymoon package! You must visit camp Schodak for the best experience of your life. At camp Schodack they say,”By holding their event at Camp Schodack, our guests have been able to make their dream events come true.”



Ever wondered how Manhattan looks from a thousand foot roof top? If you’re in for a real good taste of Manhattan then why experience it alone when you can plan your perfect wedding their and witness all three magnificent views of Manhattan along with the people you love and adore while making your special day even more memorable. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing but with the menus, space and photographer only the blond will say no to it. They bring to you their finest and well experienced wedding planners along with the most friendly and cooperative staff. Not only will they help you capture your dream day but also help you decide better between menus as well as sitting and guest arrangements.



There’s no place on Long Island with the kind of atmosphere the Riviera has. It’s rustic and elegant. The views from the water are breathtaking. The renovations they’ve done has really opened up the room. You can’t get enough of it! Great food on a large waterfront property on the beautiful south shore of Long Island. The food is very well presented, for theyve hosted chefs from the top of the line, the taste is magnificent and the view seems out if this world. It is wheel chair accessible and has a grand ballroom with a Victorian style interior as well as well placed furniture with fine carving and deep paints. It has plenty of rooms giving plenty of views with the utmost divine atmosphere.



If you still can’t decide where to have your perfect Disney princess wedding, well then here is another place recommended for you. Beautiful venue with a very industrial style. This place used to be an actual metal foundry and in some spots there are pieces of glass on the ground exposing the original furnaces. The unique, beautiful and historic site is well recognized. The staff is incredible and so easy to work with. The venue itself is perfect for a lush garden wedding with ivy everywhere!


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