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9 Style Tips For College Students

College years are considered as golden years of a person’s life. It’s a time not only to study hard, but to enjoy campus activities and sharing every fun moment and selfies with friends. Thanks to smartphones and social media with which students can stay updated with every news about style and fashion trend. On the other hand, they also want to be famous for their style. So, they compete with each other to gain attention from everybody in their college.

Those who are good at it can grab the attention of other students and get praise from the teachers. It’s not that others are not interested in being stylish. Every student wants to be stylish but most of them don’t know how. Dressing properly and looking smart is important for student’s self-presentation as well as their confident behaviour, writing and speaking skills.

If you are among them, reading about 9 tips given in this article will be very helpful to you. Some of them are common and you may be aware of them. But still, we have put stress on them as they are important and can’t be ignored. You ought to follow them along with other tips if you really want to look like a style icon in your college.

1. Know what’s trending but choose what suits you the most

As a young person, you should be aware of the latest fashion trends at the global level and local level. See which color is the most favorite among the celebrities and youth icons in your country. However, remember that you are a unique person and have your own identity, look, and feelings. So, while it’s good to know what’s trending, choosing the best that suits you the most will set you apart from others.

2. Remember, simple is better

Don’t go too far to look stylish with your appearance and behavior as it will affect both your appearance and budget. You may lose attention if you seem working too hard with your outlook. You may even seem foolish.
Also, being too concerned with style will not work for you when it comes to getting the attention of your teachers. The best is to avoid trying too hard to look stylish and stop speaking about what you are not. Keep it simple.

3. A good physique is important for good appearance

Your clothes can’t help if your physique is not good. Take care of your health and watch your posture. Take some time daily to workout and meditate as it will help you have good physical and mental health. You will see its effect on your appearance and intelligence.

4. Trendy accessories can make a big difference

Though you should stay simple, you can’t take it as an excuse to avoid certain accessories. A good pair of shoes, good looking glasses, a nice belt, a stylish watch will be enough to boost your personality. Having a well-thought combination of good clothing and accessories can highlight your style sense that nobody can ignore.

5. Become a trendsetter and not a follower

There is a big difference between being stylish and being a copycat. If you want to set yourself apart from the crowd, you should work around developing your own style. Develop your own mix of outfits and accessories and create your own style of speaking. This will make you seem like a trendsetter instead of just a follower.

6. Stay on top in your class

People with style and intelligence get more respect. However, if you are stylish but not good in your studies, you may get respect from your friends but not from your teachers. So it’s a must to pay attention to your subjects, attend classes regularly and perform well to stay in the list of favorite students of your teachers.

7. Be good at language and communication

Communication skill and fluency in English will not only help you during your college studies but also help in both your professional and academic career. Before presenting your dissertation or making your speech, you might turn to

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