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6 Revenue Models for Bloggers to Make Money

The Indian blogging scene has flourished immensely in the last decade and has left a positive mark in the online marketing industry worldwide.

Harsh Agarwal, the famous Indian blogger who earns most of his revenue through Google Adsense has even given interviews to foreign bloggers.

According to a Quartz India article, Indian youngsters are quite reputed when it comes to offering freelancing services such as blogging, content writing, internet research, accounting, graphics designing, photography, etc.

Indian bloggers have prospered in the market through various sources of earning which fits best according to their material and audience.

Here are the seven revenue models through which any blogger can make good money.

  • Google Adsense

The renowned Indian blogger, Harsh Agarwal, made 3.1 million INR through his Google Adsense revenues in just seven years.

Google has created a unique platform called “Google Adsense” to integrate an added revenue model for all the passionate bloggers via running ads on their blogs. You are automatically paid once your reader views or clicks on your selected advertisements. Two million people use Google Adsense for its extreme flexibility and as an attractive source of earning revenue without compromising on the quality of the blog.

  • Amazon Affiliate (Affiliate Marketing)

This is the second most attractive way through which bloggers make big money. The concept of affiliate marketing is quite simple. By posting the Amazon offered products links on your blog you think your consumers will buy. If your reader ends up buying clicking on the link posted on your blog, Amazon shall pay you the commission entitled on the product sold.

For your further understanding you can visit the buying guide blogs. For instance, you write blogs related to health and fitness, then you have an opportunity of posting the Amazon links on your blog.

  • CPA (Cost Per Action)

Bloggers have a secret underground network called the CPA (Cost Per Action) through which they are busy making fortunes online. Having a website under the name of your blog is enough to give you an opening into the CPA networks online.

In this advertising model, you act as a publisher for posting ads and you are paid for the lead generations for someone else’s business.

And the best part is you don’t even have to make a sale through those advertisements. A simple lead generation such as email address or a phone number is enough.

  • Freelancing

An Indian Freelancer earns in Dollars and spends in Rupees. Any average blogger has a huge potential in making big in the freelancing industry. The USA’s market is too costly, and that gives Indian an edge as we can offer them services at low cost and the same earn in dollars.

All you need is an account on either Upwork or, and because you are already a blogger, the work already starts getting offered to you.

Many famous Indian freelancers have a profile of over $20,000. Yeah, you read it right the first time.

  • Content Writing/Marketing

A professional blogger on any given day is a brilliant content writer because he doesn’t paraphrase.

A Blogger initially has a keen interest in writing which he further explores through his blogging efforts. But why restrict yourself just to blogging when you can at the same time write good content for clients!?

Especially, bloggers in the content marketing industry are paid far more than what an average content writer earns.

  • GuestPost

Once your blog is successful, you can invite other blogers and clients to post their content on your blog and get paid because it will be considered as a sponsored post.

Guestpost is another innovative way through which a blogger can explore his money-making endeavors.

They are also called as “Sponsored Posts” because on your blog you are sponsoring someone else’s content for their business lead generations or marketing.

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