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Education in Australia is outstanding. Australia has a vast and broad educational system. Australia offers a lot of courses for international students.IT education of Australia is famous all over the world. There are thousands of educational institute which offer a lot of courses.

Educational System:

The educational system of Australia is divided into three phases.

(a) Primary School

(b) Secondary School

(c) Tertiary Education


Primary School:

Starts from K.G (kindergarten) and ends at 7th class. The total duration of primary education is for 8 years.

Secondary School:

Starts from 8th class and ends at 10th class. Duration of secondary school education is for 3 years.

Senior Secondary School:

Starts from 11th class and ends at 12th class. Duration of senior secondary school is for 2 years.

Tertiary Education:

Tertiary education consists of university education and vocational education and training. Professional education is included in tertiary education. Medical, Veterinary and Engineering study are included in tertiary education.

Medium Of Instruction:

Medium Of Instruction in the Australian educational system is English. Different schools offer different courses in different languages.

Academic Calendar:

The academic calendar in the Australian educational system is different for each system. Depends upon the type of educational system. Mostly system is the semester system.

The semester starts in January and the duration of the semester is for 6 months. In below-mentioned topics, the academic calendar of different levels is discussed.

The academic calendar for School:

The total length of school education is 13 years.

1 year is divided into 4 terms. Starts from January or February.

The academic calendar for Foundation:

Length of foundation education is 1 year.1 year is divided into 2 parts.

The academic calendar for vocational education and training institute:

Total length is 1 to 4 years.1 year is divided into 2 parts. Starts in February and it is different for different institutions.

The academic calendar for Undergraduate:

Mostly 3 years but in the case of honours degree, it is about 4 years. Mostly 2 semesters per year or 3 semesters per year(trimester).It starts from March.

The academic calendar for postgraduates:

Total length is 2 years.1 year consist of 2 semesters. Its start time is different for different institutions.

The academic calendar for Doctoral programs:

Its total length is 4 years(3 years+1year for review). No proper classes. It depends upon PhD supervisor.

Australian Qualification Framework:

AQF was established in 1995. Which makes policy for education. It covers higher education in Australia. It works like an HEC (Pakistan).AQF controls all kind of degrees.

Type of schools:

Schools in Australia are one of the best schools in the world. They offer new technology in education. They have advance school education system. In Australia pre-school, kg school, primary school, Montessori school, secondary schools and senior secondary schools are working.

Type of Higher Education:

Higher Education is also the best in the world.

Higher education consists of 3 years to 5 years.IT education in Australia is popular in all countries.

Teaching Method and style:

The Australian education system has different and advances in teaching styles. Audio learning, visual learning, group studies,research-based activities and presentation methods are top styles of Australian educational system.

List of famous universities in Australia:

Australian national university

University of Canberra

Australian Catholic University

Charles Sturt University

Southern Cross University

University of England

University of New South Wales

Macquarie University

University of Newcastle

University of Sydney

University of Technology Sydney

Western Sydney University

Charles Darwin University

Bond University

James Cook University

Griffith University

Federation University of Australia

CQ University

Vocational Education:

Vocational education offers different diploma and certificate courses.

Different types of certificate in Vocational Education and training institute:

Certificate 1:

Duration is 4 to 6 months. Holder of certificate 1 is called the competent operator.

Certificate 2:

Duration is 1 year. Holder of this certificate is called the advanced operator.

Certificate 3:

Duration is 1 year. Holder of this certificate is called technicians.

Certificate 4:

Its duration is 12 to 18 months. Certificate holders are called Supervisor.


Its duration is about 1 year. Diploma holder is called Senior Supervisor.

Change of courses:

Change, of course, is allowed. But students will start a new course from the beginning. Exemptions of courses are also available.

Change of qualification level:

If any student wants to change his qualification level then he needs to start his new course from start. Exemptions of subjects are also available.

Change of institutions:

If you want to change your institutions. You can change your institution but you will complete at least 6 months in the previous course. But most institutions don’t offer change of institutions.

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